Left side driving, high red buses and the big ban is by far not all of London. Beside historical buildings of the first democracy and old castles of the oldest monarchy in Europe, there are people who share a different ideology as we do in Germany.

Taking off with an Aeroplane to London Heathrow from Stuttgart. Under my seat are fields, villages and woods. Compared with England there is a lot of wood. In valleys between forest covered hills are villages and towns which centres are marked by churches.

That is the difference with England. The lack of hills goes along with the lack of forests. Wherever you are looking you see only small, round shaped fields. Unlike in Germany not every  field has four corners but more than eight, and instead of lines there are circles. The result of a long struggle to get as much land as possible is pretty clumsy for every farmer.

Forests are replaced by hedges. Every single field is surrounded by these rows where you can’t see through when hiking. On the one hand it helps that you cannot see the horizon all around which would make you feel lost and on the other hand it makes clear that this is your possession. English people take a lot of care of what belongs to them. It is the complete opposite of Russia where the people have endless prairies. The English have no chance to expand because the island is settled all over.

Unlike England’s population, their land does not grow anymore since the end of the British Empire. In England’s whole southern countryside is a building ban. A house in this nice area cost about half a Million Pounds. This crowded population is visible in London’s high red buses and in the Underground trains. There it is seen as a shame if you put your luggage on the seats, because all public transport is endlessly overcrowded, so that you even can’t stand without touching others.

Outlaw in traditional rules

London hat sich seit dem Victorianischen Zeitalter nicht verändert!

The population has had to learn how to successfully live together. There are some unwritten rules how you have to behave. For example on the moving stairs you stand on the right to let the fast business people pass by. (although on the streets you have to overtake on the right side of course) If you neglect one of these rules (The rules you can never know before you have come here) you get one of the friendly-unpleasant-generously-and-superior glares of an English grandmother.

That is the population in London. A city with narrow streets and large parks. London is the greenest city in Europe. Astonishing is the surrounding of parks: a large runway for horses. I have never seen any horse in those places.

Even if England’s books of law are a few volumes lighter, the life is not easier because their laws are made by everyone. The rules of behaviour are more traditional than thoroughly thought. For example with an normal driving licence you can drive every vehicle up to 10 Tonnes. Even buses and lorries. In Germany that would include five different licences of which every one would cost around a thousand euro. In England it is allowed that your parents show you how to drive on the public streets, so that you only have to pay around 100 quid for the test. Unfortunately I have done my driving licence two days, before I went to England.

Now I will leave the Hyde Park and set off for Plaw Hatch Farm in the Ashdown forest. An exceptional village of England and the centre of Anthroposophy and Scientology.